Bicycle and other media: - Web site for road and MTB news, competitions, interviews, pictures, events. - News for mountain biking, pictures, events, reviews of products, bike routes and more.

Ecological magazine for extreme sports - Media, which main goal is to popularize the alternative sports, active way of live and responsible attitude to the nature and the surrounding world. - The web site exists from 2002 and its aim is to help for the development of the "Board sports" and to popularize them and their specific culture. In February 2006 come out the first issue of Whiteroom magazine.

Companies and organizations:

Velomania Ltd. - The Bulgarian company is on the market for over 15 years, selling bicycles, parts, accessories and everything for this amazing sport – cycling.

Bulgarian Cycling Union - The official web site of the Bulgarian Cycling Union. News, calendar, clubs, history, pictures.

Other useful web sites:

Bicycles Drag & Dragomir - The official web site of the Bulgarian bicycles Drag and Dragomir.

Bicycle racing Drag "Cherni Vrah" - Official web site of the bicycle racing Drag "Cherni Vrah", organized every year by Drag Bicycles. You'll find regulations, map of the road, results and pictures. Of course, you can sign up for participation.